Terms and Conditions

Read Before You Book!

1. Id cards and passports are necessary for checking in Lotka.
2. Upon arrival you are requested to pay for the numbers of nights reserved. Prices include breakfast. Our receptionists accept payments by cash.
3. For children under 10 years old you may pay half price.
4. Checkout time is 12 o’clock for the rooms to get cleaned and ready for 2 pm new check in Guests.
5. Lotka has the traditional architecture of Gilan villages therefore the restrooms are located outside of the houses.
6. Please be sensitive with usage of energy including water, electricity, cooling fans and oil for fires.
7. Do not use the bathroom accessories such as sleepers outside of the bathroom.
8. Please put the used towels and sheets in the basket provided specially for the cause.
9. Divide your wet waste from dry to help us with recycling.
10. Make sure to turnoff coolers, heaters and lamps before leaving the room.

11. Smoking is forbidden inside the rooms and around the wooden building.
12. If you need to order a meal, please inform us from the previous meal for it to get ready on time.
13. Meals are provided for Hostel Guests only and an order is for at least 2 prople.
14. Breakfast is served from 8 to 10, lunch from 12 to 15 and dinner from 20 to 23 if you order.
15. Please keep quiet after midnight to avoid any inconvenience for other Guests.
16. You may come and go as you are pleased from 7am to 11pm everyday.
17. Please make sure to give back the key when your leaving.
18. If you’re planning to party or loud music playing make sure to confirm with us first.
19. Respecting local culture is our number one priority and we need you to take it seriously since it plays the most important role in responsible traveling.
Thank you and wish you a great journey!

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