Terms and Conditions

Room's Conditions

The house of Issa Khan is the only residence place in the Lotka’s area. The first floor (Jir Room) has a large room with a terrace and the second floor (Jor Home) has two small rooms with a balcony.

These two units are divided by separate staircases. The amenities of the rooms are the same, but on the second floor, the balcony is larger and has a wider perspective.

This floor is rented entirely for the sake of the comfort of guests, but if you want, you can rent each room at half the price.

The house is built in accordance with Gilan’s traditional architecture.

To maintain this architecture, the bathroom is located outside the house.

Each floor has a private bathroom and restroom.

The place is not suitable for elderly people because of stairs.

And also it could be dangerous for children, so their parents should take care of them.

We do not have beds in any of the rooms. But we give a blanket, mattress, pillow, clean linen and towel to the guests at the time of arrival.

Rooms are free of refrigerators and cooking utensils. But you can use the Lotka’s kitchen in coordination with the hosts.

There is no TV in the rooms, butThere is the possibility of using WiFi in Lotka’s area.

The Lotka Lobby (handicrafts museum), pergolas and gardens are public. Dear guests, if you wish, you can pick local vegetables from the garden for daily consumption.

The breakfast time is flexible. inform us the time from the night before. In Lotka, most of the food is cooked by the local cooks. Arrange for order lunch or dinner from a day ago.

Every day we have walking in the village. If you want, we would be happy to join us.

Free parking on premises.

Room's Conditions

It is forbidden to smoke cigarettes and hubble-bubble inside rooms and pergolas because of the possibility of fire.

Garbage accumulation is one of the problems in Gilan because there is no garbage recycling plan around the village.

Therefore, we kindly ask the guests to divide their dry and wet garbage during the stay in Lotka residency.


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