Norouz Bal Ceremony

Norooz Bal , meaning the Norooz fire, is the start of Gilan New Year, in which fire lighting is one of its most important programs, and from long past the people would welcome the New Year by lighting fire. Lighting the fire, thanking God for his blessings and crops, and praying for the peace of the souls of the dead were parts of this ancient Iranian tradition.

This ceremony coincides with harvesting in Gilan, a northern province in Iran. The Persian New Year, Norooz, is traditionally celebrated on 21st March in Iran and many other countries in the region. But in the past, the people of Gilan, in northern Iran, used to have a parallel New Year ceremony called Norooz Bal which was held in early August.

Norooz bal Ceremony, 1588

Norooz Bal is the name of a festival celebrated on the first day of ‘Norooz Ma’ and this is the first day of Daylaman New Year (Ma means Month). Norooz  ma is the first month of the year, which lasts for 30 days, and begins with the celebration of Norooz Daylami on August 17th every year. After the invasion of Arabs, the Daylaman people lost track of the leap year calculation. For this reason, gradually, as each 4 years passed, the Daylaman Norooz stayed behind by one day. The leap year was forgotten until the year 934 Hejri lunar calendar (about 500 years ago), during the reign of Tahmasb Shah when Daylaman accepted Iranian nationality.

On this year, which is equal to Hormoz day, the first day of the year 5454 Yazdgerdi calendar (the ancient Iranian calendar) the solar calendar was again used officially. The natives of this area call this calendar their sun calendar.
Norooz Bal is celebrated in Daylaman, which comprises the land between Sepidroud River in the west and Shiroud River in the east of Gilan. Norooz Bal celebration, on the same day of ‘Our Nowrooz’, the first day of Gilani New Year, was held in Daylaman.

Source: The New Year of 1583 (Gilani calendar)

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