Ecolotka in “Persian Nights…”

Cultural heritage, great food and... boutique hotels?

Some people travel to Iran for its history -the 24 UNESCO World Heritage sites in the country, for starters. Others go for the living culture – the great food and legendary day-to-day hospitality that regular travelers rave about. Thomas Wegmann is a little different. For him, the most striking thing about Iran is its hotels.
Not grand seven-star hotels, either, but small, boutique hotels run by families — while being absolutely cutting edge.
“In Iran, there’s a superb scene of boutique hotels combining contemporary design with characteristic Persian heritage — and it’s on the rise,” he says. (cnn)

Brazil? Nordics? No. Iran!

Thomas, the author of the book “Persian Nights – Amazing Boutique Hotels & Guesthouses in Iran”, has introduced Eco-lotka in a part of the book. On his Instagram page, along with posting photos of the residence, he wrote:

Brazil? Nordics? No. Iran! Most of the boutique hotels and guesthouses presented in my book are in rather dry areas of Iran. Not so Lotka Eco-lodge in the Caspian Hyrcanian Mixed Forests Eco-region in the north of the large country. A wonderful place to calm down.

The world's first book about hotels in Iran reveals the country's charming, beautiful and welcoming places to stay

Wegmann told MailOnline Travel that he experienced some of his favourite moments of his travels when he returned from these heritage sites.

‘I experienced some of the most beautiful moments in the evenings upon returning to my accommodation – after having visited the countless Unesco World Heritage Site,’ he said. ‘And just stretching out on one of the traditional daybeds in the charming courtyard, listening to the fountain’s gentle splashing. These were some of the most peaceful and relaxed moments one can imagine.’

According to Wegmann, peaceful evenings were soon followed up with restful nights of sleep during. He said: ‘I felt very protected and secure in all the boutique hotels and guesthouses and let the relaxed atmosphere lull me to sleep.’

Persian Nights by Thomas Wegmann (Author)

Iran may no longer be an insider secret, but it’s still a lesser known travel destination. Renowned for its culture of hospitality, the country has seen a blossoming of stunning and creative hotels in the last years, just waiting to be discovered by international visitors.

This beautifully illustrated volume presents 16 boutique Iranian hotels and inns, promising pure delight for interior and architecture fans with their successful fusion of Iranian and Western design. From historic houses with magnificent patios to secluded oases and even a hideaway cave, these are some of the most lavish and exciting accommodations in Iran.

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Lotka Ecolodge, Sarkhoshki, One of 5 beautiful boutique hotels in Iran

Forough Samienia and Kave Mozafari transformed an old house into Lotka Ecolodge in Sarkhoshki, a village in the Caspian Hyrcanian Mixed Forests ecoregion.

Every morning they collect eggs from the chicken coop and pick fresh produce from their small farm. Guests can feed the chickens, buy handicrafts made by rural women and join a silk farming workshop in the spring.

Travelers keen to explore further afield can rent a bike and cycle to the Caspian Sea or go on a riverboat trip on a handmade timber boat guided by a Lotkachi (Lotka helmsman). (Team Wanderlust)

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