Where Is Anzali Lagoon?

Anzali lagoon is on the coast of the Caspian Sea, near the port of Bandar-e Anzali. The local people call it Talab-e -e or Mordab-e Anzali. But Russian call it Enzeliiskii or Pekhleviiskii zaliv.

The lagoon divides Port Anzali into two parts; Selke Wildlife Refuge and the Siahkesheem Marsh. It holds a bunch of islands and hosts of hundreds of different birds, animals and plant species.

It is the most unique lagoon in the country cause of type and humidity. The Talab was once one of the biggest fishing areas of the country.

Talab-e Anzali has thousands of Caspian lotus. It’s one of the few places that are home to the rare plant, which appears between late June to the end of summer.

The top tourist attraction of the area is boat riding. you can enjoy it while watching the colorful flowers and hearing the sound of birds singing.

Ecolotka is 20 km (30 min) away from Anzali protected lagoon. We can provide you with a half-day tour of the lagoon. There you can visit both wildlife and marsh tulips.

We can provide you a half-day tour of the lagoon. There you can visit both wildlife and marsh tulips. When you get into the wildlife You can get off the boat, get on the island, and see buffaloes and horses and take pictures of birds.

Anzali Lagoon Hosts Migratory Birds

Too many migrating birds choose Anzali Lagoon as their temporary resting place on their winter journey. 77 species Of the 145 species of migrating birds in Iran, choose Anzali Lagoon to rest.

If you enjoy birding or birdwatching, we recommend that you spend a few hours in Anzali Lagoon to watch the flight of white or gray pelicans, white-fronted goose, coots, swans and other types of birds. You need a boat to enjoy watching the lagoon’s beautiful landscapes. the best time for birdwatching is autumn and winter.

A Bird-watcher’s Wonderland

From Lotka to Anzali Lagoon's Tour

Anzali Lagoon's Tour

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