Welcome to the Lotka Ecolodge

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Around a village that lies between the Hyrcanian forests and the Caspian Sea

Our Rooms

Room 1

This unit for 6 people with 6 traditional bedrolls is on the second floor of a wooden building with Shekili architecture. The unit has two 12 m2 rooms and a large balcony with a great view of the four sides of the house. Private restroom and shower are located on the outside of the building. Mosquito net and fan for warm seasons, oil heater and Korsi (stool) for winter time are available.

Room 2

Room is located on the first floor of wooden Shekili building with a balcony and divided doorstep. Facilities are 4 traditional bedrolls, mosquito net and a fan for summer, gas heater for winter breeze. The room has private restroom, located outside of the building.

Room 3

Located in the second building with Orjeni architecture. It has 2 beds and 2 bedrolls. A mosquito net and a fan for summer and a gas heater for winter time. The room includes private restrooms and showers.

Room 4

Located in the Orjeni building, the room includes 4 traditional bedrolls, a mosquito net and a fan for hot season and a gas heater for winter time. The room only has Iranian toilet and a private shower.

Room 5

The smallest room for 2 people, in the Orjeni building with private Iranian Toilet and  private shower. A gas heater for winter time and a fan and a mosquito net for summer. The room includes private restrooms and showers.


Cafe Restaurant

Enjoy the taste of Gilan's food and tea in our traditional pergolas

Handicraft Market


Take Gilan handicrafts to the souvenir, directly from the manufacturers

Don't miss It

Rowboat trip on the river

Enjoy of One-hour boat trip by a local lotkaman from the private pier next the river at the back of the ecolodge.

Lotka's videos

Walking through Iran - July 25th 2018 -A good place to stay

Keshta, Local Bread of Gilan

Anzali Lagoon

lee, Valuable plant for the villagers of northern Iran

Culture, Nature

Around Gilan

North Of Iran

GUILAN Rural Heritage Museum

April 27, 2018


The vernacular architecture, the local artistic manifestation such as handicraft and a wide range of traditions are exposed lively,


Norooz Bal Ceremony

January 28, 2018


Norooz Bal , meaning the Norooz fire, is the start of Gilan New Year, in which the people would welcome the New Year by lighting fire.


Flower-Bride (Arous Gole)

January 28, 2018


The Arous Gol ceremony around Caspian Sea provinces of Iran is part of festivities just before 21 March and a reminder of the arrival of spring.


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