Orgeni House

Orjeni architecture building

Lotka Ecolodge (Ecolotka) is the first ecological residence in Bandar-e-Anzali, Gilan and the Orjeni house is its second residence in Gilan-style architecture.  After a year of launching Ecolotka, we built this rural house.  because of its frame construction, we named it Orjeni.

Gilaks also called it Zagmei/Orjini/Verjini/Darverjin/Verjin/ Darjin. But it is known as a log home/building/cabin in some places in the world.

The Orjeni construction is more common in areas with a high potential of wood resources.

How do they build the Orjeni Houses?

In this construction, local architects cut notches into the logs by hand. A log is a piece of round unhewn timber used in log construction.

For building frame construction, they use solid hewn on top of one another horizontally and interlock them at the corners with notches.

Notches are the carefully hewn and crafted joint formed by cutting into overlaid crosswise logs so that they interlock with one another at the external corner of a log building.

This is a traditional log home notch that has been a tried and true performer over generations of log home building in Gilan.

How we prevent wasting environmental resources?

Although the house has not been moved and relaunched like the Shakili one. But, for building it, we try to use of second-hand materials, including the tinplate roofing and wooden windows. Also, to avoid wasting environmental resources and cutting down the old forest trees, we tried to use industrial or used wood so far as possible.

The house has three rooms, double, single, and twin, each with a toilet. But since the house is wooden and traditional, it is outside the house. We hope you enjoy the stay in this house.

The Rooms

Room 3

A double room with 2 extra traditional bedrolls and a balcony, is located in the Orjeni architecture building. It has a mosquito net and a fan for summer and a gas heater for wintertime. The room includes private restrooms and showers located outside of the building.

Room 4

It’s a twin room and 20 m2 size with 2 extra traditional bedrolls and a large balcony located on the first floor of the wooden Shekili building. Facilities are a mosquito net and a fan for summer, a wood heater for winter breeze, and a private restroom and a shower, located outside of the building.

Room 5

The smallest room for 2 people, in the Orjeni building with private Iranian Toilet and private shower. A gas heater for wintertime and a fan and a mosquito net for summer. The room includes private restrooms and showers.

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