Handicraft Shop

Why and What We Sell in Handicrafts Store?

Lavanbafi (weaving cloth), Rashtidoozi (traditional embroidered), Abrishamkeshi (making rope from silkworm Cocoon), Chomoushdoozi (sew leather shoes), Hasirbafi (weaving straw), Kharati (wood turning), locksmithing, et cetera are some of the Gilanian handicrafts. But some of them are being forgotten.

One of the reasons is that artists (often women) are selling their products by dealers and earning little profit because of low access to the market. In Ecolotka’s handicraft store, we sell some of the Gilanian handicrafts that live near us with with a little interest. For example, the works of Hasirbafi from Sarkhoshaki village and Lavanbafi from the Qasem Abad (Honarmand’s cooperative) are being sold in our store. These valuable works have given a beautiful look to our lodge.

Handicraft Store

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