Anzali Lagoon  (also Anzali Mordab, Anzali Bay, Pahlavi Mordab, Pahlavi Bay or Anzali Liman) is a coastal liman, or lagoon, in the Caspian Sea near Bandar-e Anzali, in the northern Iranian province of Gilan. The lagoon divides Bandar-e Anzali into two parts, and is home to both the Selke Wildlife Refuge and the Siahkesheem Marsh.

Although the lagoon suffers from pollution, it is known as a good place for bird watching. The lagoon’s water ranges from fresh near the tributary streams to brackish near the mouth into the harbor and the sea. Studies indicate that in the 19th and early 20th Centuries that the lagoon had a much higher salinity.

The lagoon has decreased in size since the 1930s to less than a quarter of its former extent. However, in the last ten years (As of 2007) water salinity has increased both by the rise of the level of the Caspian Sea which has caused greater interchange of waters, and due to greater salt transport in incoming “fresh” water due to increased upstream irrigation. The lagoon has been listed in Ramsar Convention since 21 December 1975.

The Ride of your Life!

This breathtaking coastal liman, which is also known as Anzali Mordab, Anzali Bay or Anzali Liman, is located near Bandar-e Anzali (Anzali Port), and divides the port into two parts. Anzali Lagoon is famous for its beautiful birds and plants. Unfortunately, the lagoon has reduced in size since the 1930s; however, it is still a sight to see.

The landscape is exquisite and demands a full tour of the place, so sail away. The journey will take you through marshes, open grassland, large areas of phragmites, dense reedbeds and meadows, which are all in plain view as you sit back and relax and enjoy the boat ride. Keep an eye out for the variety of flora and fauna on your way. A visit in April or mid September will treat you to plenty of pleasant plants blooming.

A Bird-watcher’s Wonderland

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Anzali Lagoon's Tour

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A Bird-watcher’s Wonderland

Bird-watchers will not be disappointed; the place inhabits a large number of migratory birds. Just imagine 78 species of birds all in one big wetland: herons, egrets, western marsh harriers, purple swamphens, pygmy cormorant, white-tailed eagle, ducks, geese, swans and coots; the list goes on and on, so what are you waiting for? Grab your binnacles and a life jacket, and enjoy the ride; tell the boatman to go slow so you don’t miss a thing.

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