Activities in Lotka Ecolodge

Ecolodge Agricultural Products

Gilan’s seasonal agricultural calendar varies from region to region. Our ecolodge is in a flat area near the beach. In this region, crops such as rice are cultivated due to high humidity and balanced temperature.

The crops we plant at our ecolodge include: garlic, eggplant, pumpkin, fava beans, pinto beans, radish, carrot, cucumber, and local vegetables. The following chart shows the timing of planting and harvesting based on information we learned from local farmers.

Some of our farm Crops

Sericulture Workshop

Sericulture and silk yarn production is an old livelihood of Gilan. We also organized a workshop for this purpose. Silkworm breeding is done in spring and summer. Silkworms feed on the leaves of the mulberry tree.

After about 40 days the worms become cocoons. Then one must harvest the cocoons. And finally, the cocoons can be turned into yarn.

When it is not possible to do silkworm breeding, as in autumn and winter, we use them for educational workshops and cultural events.

The kinds of animals that live in our ecolodge farm

Waste Recycling

Waste management is one of the most important issues in Gilan province. From the start of our ecolodge we tried to segregate and recycle as much waste as possible. In the case of wet waste, meaning organic waste, it is easier to separate and recycle.

The main part of organic waste is added to chicken and duck food, and we turn the rest of it into compost. But in the case of dry waste, recycling is more difficult.

Large volumes of plastic bags, plastic bottles, and all kinds of paper and cardboard, and cans are not easily recyclable.

Unfortunately, there is no recycling plant around us and we do not have a segregated waste collection system in the village. So, we decided to segregate ourselves and then look for a buyer of segregated waste.

Dry waste segregation in ecolodge

Outdoor Activities

At the ecolodge you can enjoy leisure activities such as boating and cycling.

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