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About Lotka-Ecolodge

Lotka Ecolodge is an ecological residence in a village near Anzali Port, Gilan. The Ecolodge is located in a peaceful place, among the nature of the southern Caspian Sea. Our Ecolodge consists of two buildings.

The name of the first building is “Shekili Guest House” and the second is “Orjeni Guest House”.

Inside Lotka Ecolodge you can go on a rowboat trip from the private pier next to the river at the back of the garden, buy local handicrafts provided by rural women as souvenirs, order Gilani local cuisine (often with organic ingredients), and take a bike ride around the village or go to the beach with ecolodge bicycles.

Shekili Guest House

“Shekili Guest House” was built in 1966 in a village near Lahijan. But the owner of the house was dead a few years ago and the heirs wanted to sell the house. So, we bought the house and moved it to a new place in 2017. We renovated the house in three steps: 1. disassembling, 2. transporting, and 3. reassembling. We called this house “Shekili” because Shekili is the name of a type of native Gilan house in the coastal plain areas. Tree trunks are used to build the foundation for this type of house. Our Shekili house has 2 floors. The first floor (Room #2) is a large 20-meters room with a terrace. The second floor (Room #1) has two 12-meters rooms and a large balcony, which has a view of the four sides of the house.

Orgeni Guest House

The second guest house by the name of Orjeni is another style of Gilan architecture. Construction of these types of houses was more common in the foothills near forests. After a year of launching Ecolodge, we built this rural house. Although the house has not been moved and relaunched like the Shekili one. But, for building it, we try to use of second-hand materials, including the tinplate roofing and wooden windows. Also, to avoid wasting environmental resources and cutting down the old forest trees, we tried to use industrial or used wood so far as possible. “Orjeni Guest House” is flat and has three rooms: room #3 is double, room #4 is twin, and room #5 is single. Each room has a toilet. But since the house is wooden and traditional, the restrooms are outside the house.

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